Our challenges do not define us.
Our actions do.

We strive each day to tackle issues like women health, safe motherhood, education, pediatric cancer and cardiac ailments, AIDS awareness and other similar challenges.

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Shanti Deep

Formed in 1997 Shantideep is a non-profit registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. Its registration No. is 272/Jaipur/1997-98.

At Shantideep our mandate is to work relentlessly in the area of women and child empowerment through education and healthcare issues. We are a dedicated team of individuals from the civil society who are bound by this single purpose.

Shantideep's initial work focused on the daunting task of spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and reproductive health issues. We worked in this area with all sections of the society, including adolescents in schools and colleges, rural and urban women, various social groups and policy planners. Over the years, Shantideep participated in many national and international HIV/AIDS conferences.

Realizing how women and children are at the center of all such issues we broadened our mandate from HIV/AIDS to include all health related issues for women and children. Education and awareness go hand in hand. We are, therefore, facilitating education in as many ways as possible. We have undertaken a solar lantern distribution project where girl children from poor families living in areas without electricity receive free solar lanterns to study.

President’s Message


Dear Friends,
Shantideep was the first non-governmental organization in Rajasthan to spread HIV/AIDS awareness at a time when talking about AIDS was a taboo. Its President is the Patron of Rajasthan Network of People Living with AIDS. It has fought discrimination against HIV infected women.  It has now spread out to other health concerns of women and children and also to distribution of solar lamps to girls living in homes without electricity but who are eager to study. We are seeking donations. We assure the donors transparency, accountability and continuous communication. In Rajasthan (INDIA), statistics on the health of women and children continue to be poor.

Dr. Sudhir Varma, IAS (Retd.)

Changing Lives,
One life at
a time.

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